Solutions construction

Our know-how for your problems in construction

Solutions for the construction and for customer profiles

Solutions for the construction and for customer profiles

Ideally, several disciplines come together to create the best solution for the customer. With us, you benefit on the one hand from our expertise and understanding of construction applications and on the other hand from our manufacturing capabilities and know-how for industrial production processes. The third discipline that distinguishes us is our strong endeavour to offer the customer a simple and suitable solution. In this intersection of these three aspects lies our strength and your profit.

Construction knowledge and solution experience

We are used to observing critically and working out solutions to problems.

Shuttering for reinforced constructions with reinforcement penetration (Interview Spurgin)
Sealings for Bojake
Coloured spacers for coloured concrete
Shuttering, recesses and inserts for fair-faced concrete
Protection of concrete surfaces and edges
Finishes, fixings and edgings of slabs, stones and coverings
Floor covering end profiles with pre-applied adhesive tape

Solution development construction

Do you have a challenge on the construction site that could be solved with a profile or a component made of plastic?

Contact us at an early stage with your problem. We look forward to understanding your needs and developing ideas, solutions and a suitable offer for your application.

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