Shell construction

Shell construction

Practical support on the construction site

We think along with you and offer reliable solutions for shell construction. Products equipped with quality and acumen help to implement great ideas as well as simple everyday work.

Reinforcement spacer

Reinforcement spacer

ferrofix is break-resistant and quick to install.

Sonderformen für Sichtbetonschalungswünsche

Special formwork inserts

Individual inserts in small series

rostband ist ein flexibles Band als Schutz vor Rostwasser


Barrier against rust water

lagerband ist Abdichtungsband und Klebeband für Deckenlager und Schaltafel

bearing tape

Sealing tape for ceiling bearings

Kantenschutzwinkel mit Spannklammern für Sichtbetonkanten

Edge protector made of pvc

Cover for exposed concrete edges

ferrotop bietet Sicherheit


Terminal iron guard



Corner profile for recess frame

Standard formwork profiles

Standard formwork profiles

For standard applications