environmental sustainability

profilsager mainly processes recycled PVC in profile production. 

ferrofix and steinfix made from 100% recycled PVC

ferrofix and steinfix made from 100% recycled PVC

The in-house mill grinds waste from our production as well as from purchased material; for example from window frame or credit card production. We obtain a large part of the grist from professional plastic recycling companies. Depending on the profile requirements, we use recycled material or virgin PVC granulate. For example, we manufacture the products steinfix and ferrofix from 100% recycled PVC.

Our recycling behaviour

profilsager even reprocesses the sawdust into granulate. More facts about our careful handling of the raw material PVC follow here.

[Translate to English:] Menge Recycling Material

85% recycled material

1600To = 85% of the processed quantity is recycled material

No plasticiser

our recycled material contains 0% plasticisers

[Translate to English:] PVC ist ein Schweizer Rohstoff

Swiss raw material

300To recycled material originates from Switzerland

CO2 neutrality

for every kg of recycled PVC, 2kg of CO2 is saved (Source: VinylPlus®: 2019 Achievements) We thus save 3200To CO2/year


The large flat roof area of our company building offers us the ideal conditions for using a photovoltaic system. With the 1296 photovoltaic modules on our roof, we generate around 26% of our electricity requirements ourselves on site. In the summer months, the proportion of electricity we produce ourselves rises to over 70%.