Mauerkroneprofil dient als Lehre zum Abziehen für scharfkantige Sichtbetonmauern

Wall crown profile

Pulling gauge

The wall coping profile is a fine but stable gauge for pulling off a sharp exposed concrete edge. The conventional chamfer of the triangular profile is eliminated. The angular pull-off profile effortlessly helps to achieve a smooth and levelled wall coping.

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Sharp-edged wall crown quite simply

for sharp concrete edges

Without chamfer

Serves as a gauge for pulling off

Fast levelling

Stable angle profile

Straight and bend-resistant

[Translate to English:] scharfkantige Sichtbetonkante
  • Made of hard PVC
  • impact resistant
  • Straight and bend resistant
  • Dimension: 50 mm x 8mm
  • Length 2.5m

Bundle 50 m


  • Nail the wall crown profile to the formwork on the long side.
  • The short leg indicates the upper edge of the future wall.
  • Now pour the concrete as usual and finally pull off the top of the wall.
  • Here, the fine wall coping profile serves as a reliable pull-off edge for a straight and clean wall coping.

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