Gartenbauprofile für Stein- und Plattenbeläge


Solutions in profile form for slabs, gravel and stones

Solid and clever solutions in profile form for slabs, gravel and stones. Whether edge profiles, support profiles for areas driven on or weed-preventing joint profiles for slab surfaces - the profiles serve landscapers and builders alike. Simple application and long-term benefits are combined in the products.

steinfix<sup>®</sup> Edge profile

steinfix® Edge profile

Pavement finish without concrete



Gravel ring as retention for roof gravel



Variable edge finish

Einfaches günstiges fugenprofil


Spacer profile for facade connection



Bracket profile for flat steel

Das fugenprofil füllt die Fugen und verhindert Unkrautwuchs.

joint profile

Closed joints on chippings

Application overview

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Curved flat steel end

Curved flat steel edging: recommended product

Traveled surface

Traveled interlocking pavers: recommended products

Ceramic tiles

Platz aus Keramikplatten oder Natursteinplatten: empfohlene Produkte

Farbe fugenprofil für diverse Platten.

Facade connection

Fassadenanschluss: empfohlenes Produkt

fugenprofil mit Hochrutsch Sicherung

Flat steel bed edging

Flat steel bed edging: recommended products


Car park: recommended products

Garden slabs

Covering from garden slabs: recommended products

Paving stones

Curved path made of paving stones: recommended products

Terrace / flat roof

Terrace / flat roof: recommended products

Pavement separation with gravel honeycomb

Decking separation with gravel honeycomb: recommended products

Vertical gravel support: recommended product