lagerband ist Abdichtungsband für Deckenlager und Schaltafel

bearing tape

Sealing tape for wall bearing

Bearing tape seals the joint between the wall bearing and the formwork panel. When stripping the formwork, the tape is automatically torn off due to the perforation.

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free ceiling bearing thanks to the sealing band


Bearing remains free of concrete


Separates when stripping the formwork

Adhesive effect

Holds bearings securely in position

lagerband ist Abdichtungsband und Klebeband für Deckenlager und Schaltafel
  • Can be removed from switch panel without leaving any residue
  • 50 mm wide
  • Double perforated in the middle
  • Box of 12 rolls to 50 m = 600 m
  • The surface must be dry and free of dust; if necessary, clean the panel with a cloth and dry it.
  • Position the tape so that the edge of the ceiling bearing is between the two perforation lines.
  • When stripping the formwork, one half of the tape is automatically torn off. Thanks to the perforation, the tear runs exactly along the ceiling bearing. This eliminates the need for subsequent cutting of the tape.

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