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joint profile

Closed joints on chippings

The joint profile fills the joints in loosely laid ceramic or natural stone tiles. The profile in inverted T-shape prevents weed growth and gives a discreet joint appearance.

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Weed free place

No weeds

Slab joints are filled.

Water seeps away

Capillary force draws off water.

Stable, continuous support

no rocking of the plates

fugenprofil verhindert Unkrautwachstum

Longitudinal profile length = 2.0 m

Cross profile length to measure, notched

Bundle of 10 bars

Bar height = 13 mm

With joint profile, the gardener works quickly and accurately. Create a bed of chippings and sand.

  1. Lay the slab.
  2. Slide a longitudinal profile underneath on the long side.
  3. Slide a notched cross profile underneath on the front side.
  4. Now place the other slabs of this row on the still protruding longitudinal profile and provide each with a transverse profile.
  5. Pull the profiles tightly against the panel.
Farbauswahl des fugenprofiles
  • pale grey
  • light grey
  • caramel


Longitudinal pieces (2m):

  • bundle of 10 bars
  • loose

Cross piece: loose

Joint profile calculator

Calculate your joint profile pieces with the practical calculator.

Application and advantages

Slab paving with joint profile is low-maintenance and of the highest quality.

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