grüne Rasenkante und saubere Befestigung der Natursteinplatten

steinfix® Edge profile

Pavement finish without concrete

steinfix edge profiles fix edges of slabs and stone coverings permanently and without concrete. For various covering thicknesses and applications, steinfix offers solutions that facilitate the laying work.

steinfix<sup>®</sup> forte

steinfix® forte

Extremely strong edge finish

steinfix<sup>®</sup> h45

steinfix® h45

Edge profile for special applications

steinfix<sup>®</sup> h22

steinfix® h22

Edge profile for interlocking paving stones

steinfix<sup>®</sup> h10

steinfix® h10

Edge trim profile for ceramic tiles


steinfix edging profiles are the quick and robust alternative to concrete edging.

Mit steinfix Randabschlussprofilen muss der Belag nicht anbetoniert werden.

Fixing tiles without concrete

Fast and independent laying

[Translate to English:] Rüttelplatte. sofort begehbarer Plattenbelag

Immediately ready for use

saves time

[Translate to English:] Grüner Rasenrand dank gelochtem Profil. Feuchtikgeitstransfer

Green lawn edges

Perforation ensures water permeability