steinfix<sup>®</sup> h10

steinfix® h10

Edge trim profile for ceramic tiles

With steinfix® h10, ceramic tiles and natural stone can be laid quickly and effortlessly without concrete. Concreting is particularly difficult with thin tiles and this is where steinfix® shows its advantage. With a web height of 10mm, this edge profile is ideal for natural stone slabs.

The net welded to the profile steinfix h10 net anchors itself in the chippings with the weight of the slabs and holds the edge profile and covering in a stable position. Ideal for flat roofs and terraces with low structure height.

The lawn is supplied with sufficient moisture up to the edge because the profile is perforated.

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Fast and invisible

with web height = 10mm

Ideal for ceramic and natural stone slabs

Robust and immediately loadable

No waiting time until concrete hardens

Ideal for flat roofs and terraces

No installation height

  • Length = 2.0 m
  • Bar height = 10 mm
  • Perforated for water permeability
  • Bar made of 100% recycled rigid PVC
  • Impact- and UV-resistant
  • steinfix h10 net: Welded net width = 30cm
  • Bundle 20 m (10 rods)

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With steinfix, the gardener works quickly and independently of the concrete mix.

  • Draw off a level bed of chippings / sand.
  • Place the steinfix rod in the correct position. Work the profile slightly into the chippings bed so that the contact surface is flush with the chippings bed.
  • Place the slabs on top.
  • steinfix h10 net: As soon as the slabs lie on the net, the profile is fixed.
  • steinfix h10 straight and round: Fix steinfix with 6 nails per rod
  • Recommendation: steinfix joint profile helps to implement the slab covering even better.
steinfix net dim.10 cross section with ceramic tales and grit

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