steinfix stahl für Flachstahlabschlüsse von Parkplätze und Beeten


Bracket profile for flat steel

steinfix steel round is the efficient alternative to setting curved flat steel endings without concrete. A wide net is welded to the support profile for flat steel, the meshes of which are anchored in the grit. The weight of the covering on the geotextile keeps the edging stable in position.
steinfix steel round can be shaped by hand into the desired shape.
steinfix steel is suitable for the application of rolled asphalt.

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Stable fixation entirely without concrete

Quick fixation with net

Net anchors itself in the chippings thanks to panel weight

Robust and immediately loadable

No waiting time until concrete hardens

Low flat steel height required

Concrete foundation not required

• Bar height = 50 mm
• Laterally reinforced bar
• Net and profile slotted for bending
• Length = 2.0 m
• Bundle à 12 m
• Bar made from 100% recycled rigid PVC
• Welded-on net width = 50 cm
• Loading capacity < 3.5 t

  • Bundle of 12 m (6 rods)

With steinfix, the landscaper works fast and independently.

  • Prepare and level foundation.
  • Bend the steinfix rod as desired and place it in the correct position. Position loosely with a few nails. The net must be on the side of the covering.
  • Insert flat steel and level with wedges .
  • Thin flat steel can be bent on site and fastened with wedges in the bracket profile if required.
  • Insert covering.
  • As soon as the covering weighs down the net, the finish is immovable
steinfix steel cross section with flat steel



Steel edgings for flowerbeds or for finishing the surface of a car park - steinfix stahl is convincing.

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