rostband ist ein flexibles Band als Sperre gegen Rostwasser


Barrier against rust water

The flexible plastic strip in the wall top prevents rust water from flowing down the exposed concrete wall. rostband consistently dams up the rust water from the connecting rebars. Before starting the new concrete stage, the conical rostband can be easily pulled out again. In this way, the barrier against rust water ensures clean exposed concrete walls.

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clean exposed concrete walls with rust band

Barrier against rust water

Protects exposed concrete walls

Elastic plastic band

Simply guide around the corners

Pull out again effortlessly

Conical shaped on both sides

rostband ist eine sperre gegen Rostwasser
  • Conical on both sides
  • Made of soft PVC
  •  65 mm wide
  •  Rolls à 25 m
  • 25 m Rollen
  • Paket with 2 Rollen

The grate tape prevents soiling on the wall when it is placed between the connecting bar and the edge.

  • Insert the rust strip into the soft concrete between the connecting bar and the edge.
  • Important: Do not countersink the tape more than halfway. (conical on both sides) Pull out the grating tape before the next concrete step.

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