Dreiecke aus PE für Aussparungen in Sichtbetonwand

Triangle recess wall

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Individual formwork inserts


Jung Architektur GmbH


Marti AG, Matt

Concrete offers a wide range of design possibilities through the choice of colour, surface structure and, in particular, the shape of the element. The architecture company JUNG Architecture has chosen an extremely interesting form element for a single-family house. The 7m-high exposed concrete wall is to be eased with numerous triangular recesses and thus appear less powerful. In addition, the openings are intended to create an interesting incidence of light from the living area into the bathroom.
The realisation of these openings in the dimension of 20x20x20cm presented the builder with the challenge of how to cut out these triangles.
The idea of profilsager ag to make the recesses out of a solid PE body, which is conical on all sides, convinced the builder. Due to their size, the PE triangular elements were manufactured in two parts and then screwed together.

individual formwork inserts