25er Sockelleiste ist kaum sichtbar

25 mm skirting board

Barely visible pavement finish

The minimalist 25 mm skirting board is incredibly small, but just as functional as a conventional skirting board. With its discreet height of only 25 mm, the new 25 mm skirting board is almost invisible on the wall. It extends the wall flowingly towards the floor and forms a delicate, protective cover for the gap between the floor and the wall.

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The alternative to a plinth-free covering

Alternative to the joint

for modern architecture

Barely visible

minimalistic small



 25 mm skirting board with small paper clip
[Translate to English:] Querschnitt 25er Sockelleiste zeigt die minimale Höhe
  • Mass: 11 / 25 mm
  • Made of hard PVC (without plasticiser)
  • 3 white shades (dyed through) RAL 9003, 9010, 9016
  • Rod lengths = 2.5 m
  • Bundle à 20 rods

The 25 mm skirting board is glued.

  • Keep the wall dry and free of grease and dust.
  • Glued, mounting adhesive with High-Tack
  • Press on well

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