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  • New: 25 mm skirting board - alternative to joints

New: 25 mm skirting board - alternative to joints


Every child loves the guessing game "I see something you don't". The 25 skirting board is just as difficult to recognise as the small room elements mentioned in the game.

Vanishingly small and just as functional as a conventional skirting board - this is how the 25mm skirting board convinces skirting board critics. With its discreet height of 25mm, it is almost invisible on the wall. Nevertheless, it forms a protective cover for the gap between floor and wall. The little helper successfully protects the wall and can simply be overlooked.

You can make the 25 mm skirting board disappear by matching the white colour to the wall. The colours on offer are: RAL 9003 / 9010 / 9016. The alternative to the silicone joint is robust, water-repellent and made of hard PVC (without plasticisers).