SPURGIN LEONHART, specialist for prefabricated concrete walls

SPURGIN LEONHART, specialist for prefabricated concrete walls

Interview with development engineer

Product daten

Name: RINGEISEN Bertrand
Company: SPURGIN LEONHART, specialist for prefabricated concrete walls
Function: Research and development engineer

How did the cooperation come about and what was the problem?
We discovered the product ferrofix kamm by chance on the profilsager website. This product was very close to what we have been looking for for a long time. Our first contact was by phone. Shortly afterwards, we sat down together to present our concerns. The aim was to find an effective and environmentally friendly product.

How did profilsager contribute to the development of the finished product?
The company profilsager, listened to us and guided us through the various phases of intermediate testing until we finally developed the best product together.

What convinced you about the collaboration with profilsager?
We were convinced of the reliability of the company and its work. In addition, the offer was economically absolutely competitive.

What benefits does the plastic profile you purchase from profilsager now bring to your company?
Thanks to the new slat profile, we have greatly reduced the amount of waste in our company. The old solution was much more labour-intensive, and we have now been able to simplify production.

Has the contact and development been worthwhile for you?
We are currently using the profile in all Sprugin Group factories. This shows that the product is of high quality and the development has been worthwhile.