Spezielle Schalungseinlagen für SIchtbeton


Exact letters for lettering in exposed concrete

Lettering on an exposed concrete wall is impressive, has a puristic effect and often breaks up the concrete surface in a positive way. However, high quality is difficult to achieve with conventional wooden inlays. With letters made of a special plastic foam, we offer the best conditions for successful lettering in exposed concrete. The letters are supplied with a mounting frame so that the spacing can be perfectly positioned without any effort. The letters are mounted by using pre-applied double-sided adhesive tape. Due to the fact that the foam material is slightly elastic, it is easy to shell out.

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Quick assembly

Positioning frame helps with placement

Simple stripping

Foam material is slightly elastic

Perfectly sharp

Material does not swell

  • Individual lettering
  • Material thickness: 10-100mm
  • Maximum format per letter: 1.2x2m

Properties of the foam:

  • Does not bond with concrete
  • Dimensionally stable and does not swell
  • Smooth surface on surface parallel to formwork
  • Cutting structure is visible on the front side of the letters
  • Corner positions of positioning frames are measured and marked on formwork
  • Covering foil of double-sided adhesive tape is removed from letters
  • Letters are placed on the formwork together with the positioning frame
  • Letters together with double-sided adhesive tape are pressed onto the formwork
  • Letters are secured with a few single nails
  • Positioning frame is removed
  • Wall is concreted
  • Wall is stripped after sufficient curing
  • Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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