Kablan AG, Deisswil

Kablan AG, Deisswil

ferrofix comb for thick irons

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ferrofix® comb


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The floor slab of the industrial hall of Kablan AG in Deisswil BE is impressive: 80cm thick and reinforced with 28mm thick reinforcement bars.
Due to the thickness of the floor slab, concreting has to be done in a number of stages. Concrete stages require formwork with lead-through connecting irons. For foreman Simu, it quickly became clear that with penetrating irons with a diameter of 20-28mm, shuttering between the irons was also imperative. When he saw the product ferrofix kamm, the functionality and advantages of ferrofix kamm were obvious to him: The penetrating irons fold down the elastic slats. The area between the irons remains closed due to the vertical slats.
Thus, his team fixed the ferrofix kamm to the lean concrete along the stage boundary. The iron layer then laid the irons of the lower reinforcement layer. In the area of the iron penetration, he only had to place the irons on the ferrofix kamm from above and the lamellas buckled to the side at this point. Subsequently, the formwork between the lower and upper reinforcement layers was formed with timber, whereby the lamellas of ferrofix kamm supported themselves against the formwork and thus withstood the high concrete pressure. ferrofix kamm is a lost formwork element and thus does not require any reworking during stripping.