ferrofix<sup>®</sup> comb

ferrofix® comb

Shuttering with iron penetration

With ferrofix comb, you can achieve a clean shuttering of concrete sections with iron penetrations. From the ceiling formwork to the second layer of iron, ferrofix comb shuts off easily and efficiently with a plastic comb. The flexible staged formwork with ferrofix comb eliminates the need for tedious post-processing.

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for conventional shuttering

A neat finish

For staged shuttering

No post-processing necessary

Fast working

Stripping omitted

No tedious removal of scantlings.

Abschalung Armierunsdistanzhalter mit Kunststoffkamm

For conventional shuttering

• Concrete cover: 30 mm or 35 mm

• Spacer made of 100% recycled hard PVC, unbreakable

• Comb made of PE • Total comb height: 80 mm

• Slat width = 5mm, slot opening = 0.1 mm

The comb allows a flexible arrangement of the penetrating irons and serves as a shuttering where the slats remain.

• Rough fastening of the spacer with aluminium nails along the shutter line

. • Important: Comb is on the side of the element to be concreted.

• Lay reinforcement as desired. In the process, the slats of the comb are bent aside.

• If necessary, place the formwork element on the reinforcement.

• Concreting

• Brochure ferrofix comb • Data sheet ferrofix comb

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