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Nicol. Hartmann & Cie. AG

The renowned and successful Graubünden construction company Nicol. Hartmann&Cie. AG, with a branch in Chur, has been bothered for some time by the large amount of waste formwork timber. Recesses made of wood for windows and doors are often cut or trimmed for other purposes after stripping or the wood is destroyed by repeated use and moisture. At the same time, the construction company strives to realise a synchronised and lean construction process.
For the construction of a residential building in the beautiful Prättigau region, a solution was sought to re-use the same window and door recesses for each stage.
In discussion with the site foreman and the construction manager, the solution was worked out to realise the recesses with plastic panels. For this purpose, the scaffolding boards were planked with PE panels. The scaffold board provides the necessary rigidity and the screwed-on recycled PE panel offers a resistant surface that also has an excellent separating effect to the concrete.
The result was convincing. On the one hand, the recesses could be quickly stripped. The concrete surface and edges automatically reached BOK 3 (Concrete surface class), although in this case no exposed concrete class was required. Due to the planking, the recess elements were assigned a clear function and were used again for the next stage for a specific purpose.